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Hi, I'm Maddie and this is a blog for and about stupid shit. ♥

Sadly, this blog has basically dissolved into a DRAMAtical Murder fanblog.
It's also a personal blog. And an art blog. It's very conflicted and is in need of intensive counselling.

Currently flailing around between trying to have a webcomic and fangirling over gay anime. Sometimes I draw.


Warning: This blog may contain NSFW, epilepsy triggers, and god forbid personal opinions.


My Webcomic:

mulsh said: Tbh the only normal kiss is when Noiz kisses Mio

Anonymous said: Doesn't the cg where Clear kisses Aoba in the rain count as a normal kiss?

HES GOT HIS FUCKIN MOUTH CLOSED like clear is trying to be all sweet and aoba’s just like “nah”

This whole exchange is super awkward bc clear just confessed his love and aoba’s just like

i wish there was just one normal kiss in dmmd. Instead we get fuckin


some boy from back in high school messaged me all ‘you’re up at 4am? :) you must be talking to someone you love…’

and I’m here like


(via kagehinapro)

  • me: //buys $100+ worth of copic markers
  • me: //continues to draw digitally

I forgot this man runs around with eleventy tassels, a boob window, and a final fantasy sword strapped to his back.
(Oh and an on-the-go hairstyling set as well, I’m sure! He is a professional!)


Thank you all so much for all your support! I love each and everyone of you! <3

Anonymous said: "just so ready to either punch something or shove it up his ass" I can't fucking breathe that is the best description of Aoba I've ever read in my entire life

These are sly blue’s two options for everything there is no in between

stfuadachi said: Hello friend. I was wondering if it was ok to use some of your DMMD comics? Possibly as icons and even dub a few of the ones I really like? Just wanted to ask permission before I did anything.

Sure! And for the future: YOU DON’T HAVE TO ASK MY PERMISSION TO USE ANYTHING I POST! Credit is appreciated, but I’m not gonna get on your case if you don’t give it lol. That goes for anything- you can use/repost/crop/edit ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. :)

Thanks ^^