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Hi, I'm Maddie and this is a blog for and about stupid shit. ♥

Sadly, this blog has basically dissolved into a DRAMAtical Murder fanblog.
It's also a personal blog. And an art blog. It's very conflicted and is in need of intensive counselling.

Currently flailing around between trying to have a webcomic and fangirling over gay anime. Sometimes I draw.


Warning: This blog may contain NSFW, epilepsy triggers, and god forbid personal opinions.


My Webcomic:



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kouao and mizusei double dating is my favorite thing just because koujaku and mizuki are those dudebro friends that jab each other in the ribs the whole time and do the thing where they point at their date friends going “dude we’re dating twins d UDE”  “DUDE I KNOW” and then high five like ten times

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taking a bath while on ur period like


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melindaington said: I worked in a printing press for three days, but a weak heart says no manual labor for me :c Back to searching for graphics/art positions.

It’s a really hard job :U I used to manage a printing press a few towns over where I did literally everything, but luckily most of my coworkers do all the labor intensive-stuff now that the company was bought out. Now technically I’m strictly design, set-up and prepress, but of course I still end up doing everything. -_-; I worked at an ad agency for like 2 months and quit so fast when all my coworkers were exactly the kinds of people who you’d expect would work in advertising. <_<

Good luck! Art jobs are hard to find and you’re probably better off just trying to market yourself on your own and do freelance. :U Just sayin.

I think next year Im gonna start renting out a studio in the next city over from my work to start my own freelance graphic design business. Ad firms and printing presses only offer so much in the way of creative freedom. >_> Plus, Im getting a little tired of working full time -_-; I would have liked to use my same ‘Madelezabeth’ handle for my brand, but I think now it’s just too synonymous with gay anime fanart comics and sarcastic text posts. :U

Anonymous said: I can't take you seriously if you're stupid enough to let these hateful anons get to you. If you can draw, then why do you care if people make ignorant accusations? No one who could really draw would care what other people think. They would just draw. You claim to love drawing so much so why make a show about being such a victim all the time? That more than any anon makes me second guess you. An anon telling you to kill yourself is a troll. Grow up. People genuinely like you.



Wow-ow-ow thanks for being so understanding.

"How DARE you let someone’s hurtful words effect you. You are an artist you are not supposed to have emotions you’re a joke"

Anonymous said: If I am ever lucky to remember my dreams..I'd like it to be about Aoba but after seeing your funny comics I'm kinda scared to.


Its a little known fact that if you tag me in a post I will probably follow you :U

Anonymous said: I was reading your old posts and found the ones about how Clear admits his feelings for Aoba after saving his ass and Aoba's shitty reaction to it and I was going to say that it was because Aoba didn't really know him enough yet and he's not emotionally open like Clear is but then I saw Noiz's good reconnect and I am so mad right now like Aoba can say that he loves Noiz to Tae's face but he can't even say it after fucking Clear in Clear's good reconnect? Clear doesn't deserve this bullshit wtf

IKR not to mention the fact that not 20 minutes into Noiz’s route in the original game, they’re already tongue kissing and giving each other handjobs LIKE??? AOBA you met this kid 2 days ago and he broke into your house and assaulted you after drive-by-rhyme-battling you in the middle of the road?? Meanwhile, Clear is so sweet and nice- he cooked Aoba breakfast and saved his life from the alphas. Clear tries to get JUST ONE KISS in and aobas just like “woah bro not feelin it”. Boy needs to get his priorities in order.

In order: Koujaku, Noiz, Clear, Mink, Ren. Bad ends included. :U

Nothing for Virus and and the only clip I have for Trip is Aoba screaming to get the lion to stop clawing him in the asshole. :/

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