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Hi, I'm Maddie and this is a blog for and about stupid shit. ♥

★ Sadly, this blog has basically dissolved into a DRAMAtical Murder fanblog. ★
It's also a personal blog. And an art blog. It's very conflicted and is in need of intensive counselling.

Currently flailing around between trying to have a webcomic and fangirling over gay anime. Sometimes I draw.


Warning: This blog may contain NSFW, epilepsy triggers, and god forbid personal opinions.


My Webcomic

"Dancing in the Rain" - A wonderful book by a wonderful writer

For those of you that haven’t seen, my good friend singacrossthemoon just published her novel “Dancing in the Rain” on Amazon today. :D


“Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Of course, that’s easy for Emerson to say; he’s not in high school. Alexander Jones is, though— and life has taught him that being a nonconformist is pretty much the same thing as making yourself a target for harassment. Case in point: Park View High School’s most eccentric outcast, Christine Strayter. Where Alex kowtows to the fickle whims of his peers, Chris is boisterous, unyielding, and loud— living her life as freely as if there won’t be a tomorrow. Because for her, there might not be. 

Whether he likes it or not, Alex is about to embark on a journey with Christine: one of friendship, optimism, survival, and love. Through their interactions, he will learn what is important, who is important, and why. Through her courage, he will learn to find his own. And through her death, she will teach him how to live.

If you recognize the cover art, that’s because it is by Neneko xD

All proceeds go to TheWellProject.org for information on HIV/AIDS and living with it and understanding it.

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