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Hi, I'm Maddie and this is a blog for and about stupid shit. ♥

★ Sadly, this blog has basically dissolved into a DRAMAtical Murder fanblog. ★
It's also a personal blog. And an art blog. It's very conflicted and is in need of intensive counselling.

Currently flailing around between trying to have a webcomic and fangirling over gay anime. Sometimes I draw.


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On a random note

I love how about a year ago people had just started to see the synopsis and poster art for that movie “Warm Bodies” that was basically Twilight except with zombies and everyone was just like “WHAT THERE IS NO WAY THAT IS SO STUPID UGH GODDAMN HOLLYWOOD RUINING ZOMBIES I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS WAS GREEN-LIT” And now that it’s out, everyone has conveniently forgotten how freakin stupid the concept was and now everyone’s cool with it. When exactly did this become okay?

Can we not have a culture that settles for ridiculous shit like this please?


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  3. lordburn said: Because it’s hopefully the death knell of zombies (and one could hope all of the undead) beting so heavy in pop culture. Moviebob (Escapist Mag) and Happy Tea (webcomic) both give interesting views, but I’m just sick of beeing ass deep in vampirism.
  4. nevyns said: I hate twilight, and wouldn’t have seen it if I’d heard it called ‘twilight with zombies’, but I saw it yesterday and honestly it was cute. Like zombie Romeo and Juliet, with a happy ending. Also, R and Julia, deliberate naming?
  5. flukespooks said: I’m glad I missed all the hype. I saw a trailer for it, though “Oh. That looks funny” and then I went to see it. I didn’t really see it as anything more than just another comedy. It reminded me more of Fright Night than Twilight.
  6. anachronisticsiren said: No, because we clearly cannot have nice things >_< I don’t care how many good reviews it gets, I have zero interest. IMO it looks like trash.
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  9. iidelirium said: Thank you fucking god someone else agrees with me
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  11. thatsjustpaint said: I dunno, Warm Bodies strikes me as more of a parody. Compared to Twilight, it doesn’t take itself seriously, which is refreshing. If other people take it seriously, well… then we have a problem.
  12. flurry-of-dancing-flaming-homos said: I know, I was thinking this the other day.
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    Wow it really came out? Da fuck?
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    I just wanted to watch it because Nick is a good actor XD he was awesome in British Skins.
  15. iamthedamned said: It’s actually much more realistic because the girl is super grossed out by him at first and actually is afraid of him and stuff like you should be of zombies.
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  17. snickerdoots said: I was more worried that it would be treated with the same degree of melodrama that Twilight was. However, I saw the trailer and it’s very tongue-in-cheek so since it’s obviously not trying to take itself seriously I don’t mind it.
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